Approved by MJR Council on June 20, 2020

The number of MJR KAUKYNĖS tickets is limited to 1000, as per governmental regulations for outdoor events in Lituania in Summer 2020. We strongly recommend to purchase Your tickets beforehand.


    1. MJR KAUKYNĖS XXI½ ticket or E-ticket (further – tickets) gives access to all events of Mėnuo Juodaragis special gathering (Event) during August 27 – 30, 2020 on the Dūburys lake island, Zarasai region, Lituania.

    2. Tickets can be purchased either as a physical copy (printed) or electronic (E-tickets) – both are equally valid.

    3. MJR KAUKYNĖS ticket’s price is fixed for all the tickets. It includes payment for the Event's programme, infrastructure fee and charges for ticket service / procession.

    4. The ticket is to be marked / scanned once and is valid for a single person only. In case of misuse, the ticket is foreclosed and entrance to the Event is denied, with no possibility to purchase a new one again.

    5. It is forbidden to resale MJR KAUKYNĖS tickets to other persons for a different price, than paid bying it from the Organisers. In case of infraudulent resale, the ticket would be foreclosed and access to its holder(s) denied.

    6. Every MJR KAUKYNĖS ticket holder should accept that additional Event information and most important details could be send to the email provided by the purchaser. No data of the purchaser could be disclosed to any third party.

    7. Once purchased the MJR KAUKYNĖS ticket is not to be exchanged to any other ticket form and can not be returned. Returns are possible only in case the Event is cancelled or postponed, under terms stated by the Organiser and by legislation of the Republic of Lituania.

    8. The main terms and rules of MJR ticket use are also presented on the ticket itself. These terms replenish the general terms and conditions and are of equal validity.

    9. On the entrance to the MJR KAUKYNĖS the ticket holder(s) gets a special wristband. The holder(s) should keep both – the ticket and the wristband – safely until the very end of the Event. Those who can not present the ticket and the unblemished wristband, should leave the Event territory immediatelly.


    1. An E-ticket holder must print out the unique PDF file that is sent via email on an A4 white sheet of paper with a coloured or non-coloured printer and present on arrival to the Event. During entrance, the E-ticket will be scanned and the holder(s) will receive a special MJR KAUKYNĖS wristband(s) which will act as your ticket for the rest of the event.

    2. Holders of MJR KAUKYNĖS E-tickets would be also provided an opportunity to present the tickets via phone or other mobile devices. In this case, it is required that the original ticket’s PDF file is saved on the device. The ticket’s owner is responsible for the legibility of the E-ticket.

    3. Each MJR KAUKYNĖS E-ticket has a unique QR code, which should remain unblemished.

    4. Safety of the E-ticket is the sole responsibility of the ticket holder. Copying the E-ticket is strictly prohibited. Images (or parts of them) are not to be shared in public. In case of duplicate, the E-ticket will be disregarded and entry will be refused.

    5. The ticket is accepted only if presented itself, meaning that it can't be replaced by presenting evidences of payment, any other data or stories, except the physical ticket or the original file.


    1. Printed (physical) tickets for MJR KAUKYNĖS are available at the MJR festival agency - “Ragainė” Baltic shop in Vilnius. The printed MJR tickets have the same validity as the electronic tickets.

    2. The Event Organizers have right to make discounts for physical tickets on purchase, depending on the way of payment and other conditions.

------ FAMILY TICKETS (Not available) ------

    1. Due to COVID-19 caused strict governmental restrictions on attending public events in Summer 2020 there are no Family tickets to MJR KAUKYNĖS. Tickets must be purchased by each family member.

    2. Children under 12 years of age (inclussive) can accompany their parents for free.

    3. Parents are fully responsible for their kids and must look after them carefully during the whole event.

------ DISCOUNTS ------

    1. Discounts and special prices do not apply to MJR KAUKYNĖS tickets - all tickets has one fixed price.


  1. Upon purchase of any MJR KAUKYNĖS ticket its holder accepts also the other rules of MJR events, common sence and public attendance in Lituania.

  2. Every MJR KAUKYNĖS visitor must follow the special
    COVID-19 safety guidelines
    2.1. Organisers have a right to measure guests temperature and deny entrance to persons with obvious health problems matching the symptoms of COVID-19.
    2.2. Wash or disinfect your hands frequently.
    2.3. Keep safe distance (at least 1 meter) at the massive gatherings of the Event.
    2.4. Wearing a protective mask is required.
    2.5. Follow cough and sneeze etiquette.

  3. It is FORBIDDEN to bring to the Event territory any kind of alcohol, drugs, also guns and other dangerous or poisonous things. Abundantly drunk, spaced-out and aggressive people would be denied.

  4. Any exposure of political symbols or propaganda is not allowed, unless it was agreed with the Organisers separately.

  5. The MJR KAUKYNĖS is taking place on a beautiful and fragile Nature reserve, therefore every visitor must follow the strict rules of care – no damage to Nature, no litter, no even plucking. On Your leave, please take all Your things with You. Please respect Mother Nature and each other.

  6. Pets (dogs) are allowed to the Event, but their keepers should take care very responsibly. Pets can not be aggressive or cause any inconveniences to others, must have muzzle. All their produced consequances should be fully cleared. Dogs should not enter water in public swimming places. In case of other visitors complaints, owners would be asked to lead pets outside the site.

  7. The use of photo and video cameras on the Event is not restricted, except the areas and special performances marked. We kindly ask and encourage to take care about the personal privacy and magic moments of the Event programme. Please note, that all pictures taken on the Event and made public should be available for non-commercial use to the Organisers, free of any prior author agreements or charges.

  8. The Organiser is not responsible for changes of the Event programme if they happen because of weather or other unavoidable reasons.


We trust in MJR visitors' conciousness and good will.

Should You need any further assistance, please contact us:
email <bilietai@mjr.lt>, of phone: +370 520 51727

You welcome to visit MJR agency and buy tickets at:
• “Ragainė” Baltik shop Vilnius – Skapo str. 3 – open I-V 12:00 - 19:00.
Tel. +370 678 86443 • facebook.com/dangausragaine

The Mėnuo Juodaragis KAUKYNĖS event is organised by the non-profit public institution “Baltijos griaustinis” (LT code No. 124631480).

Festival website - www.mjr.lt

Mėnuo Juodaragis 2020 - VŠĮ Baltijos griaustinis / DANGUS