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::: TICKETS :::

Dear friends, due to unusual situation and governmental regulations the number of guests for this exclussive MJR KAUKYNĖS XXI½ Summer 2020 event is very limited. We encourage You to get Your tickets now.

Number of tickets - 1000
Single ticket price: 77,00 Eur

Tickets are available from 2nd of July, 2020.
You can purchase electronic tickets by paying online through Paysera.




There is limited amount of special printed (physical) tickets for those who liek memories. You can purchase them (by cash or card) by paying a visit to MJR agency at Baltik shop "Ragainė" in Vilnius Oldtown, address: Skapo str. 3
Open on working days I - V from 12:00 to 19:00 h.

MJR bilietas pvz


Children under 12 years of age (inclussive) can accompany their parents for free.

Because of the public event limitations, there are no Family tickets of other discounts this year. All the KAUKYNĖS XXI½ tickets are of the same value and price. We thank MJR visitors for understanding this.

Upon purchase of MJR KAUKYNĖS XXI½ ticket its holder accepts also the other rules of MJR event, common sence and public attendance in Lituania. Please read the rules of tickets use, event conditions and important information on Covid-19 preventure emasures:

Thank You for attention, counciousness and solidarity - this year is all about that.
Let's meet and have a magic time!


•••••••••••••••• TAKE a NOTE !!! ••••••••••••••••

Kaukynės XXI½ is a special event for which You need to purchase NEW TICKETS.
!!! Previously purchased MJR XXII festival tickets are NOT VALID for the Kaukynės event !!!
For more information on MJR XXII tickets validity for 2021 festival, or refund possibilities, please visit -


Should You need any help or assitance on MJR tickets. please contact:
e-mail bilietai@mjr.lt, or phone +370 520 51727




[c] Mėnuo Juodaragis 2020



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