::: PARKING :::
Parking of vehicles and camping on MJR Kaukynės 2020

MJR Kaukynės will take place in an environmentally sensitive place. Driving into the Dūburys island is restricted and charged fees. This year we invite you to arrive on the 27th of August, the first day of the event, and use the available parking in island. We are thanful for those visitors, who park their vehicles on the free parking lots outside the island. Let us have more space without cars on this beautiful place f Nature!

If you are able - travel with friends and/or carpool - please do so!


Free parking lots outside the island are being guided and watched.

℗ VEHICLE + TENT in camping area / Price 20.00 EUR
This year it is possible to park your car inside the island and build your tent next to it.
This option only available to those who‘s arrive on Thursday, August 27.

Parking on the island for families with kids / Price 20 .00 EUR
Campers / Price 40.00 EUR
Motorcycles / Price 10.00 EUR
Available during all event. Camping only in the Camping area.

You can pay parking tickets at the event entrance only.
If we run out of space or wreather conditions are bad, the parking within Dūburys island would be closed.

PLEASE NOTE!: Once Your car have entered the island You can drive out only once - leaving the event.

--------------------Parkavimo zemelapis

::: CAMPING :::

This year the whole Southern part of the Dūburys island would be available for building tents - You would have a lot of extra space for this. You can choose to settle closer to the Kaukybės events, or in bigger distance. These would be also a quiet camping zone, called "Ramučiai".

TENTS in the Campin Area is FREE.

Please watch Your valuable things and respect Your neighbours while camping! - Thank You!






[c] Mėnuo Juodaragis 2020



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