::: Be safe on Juodaragis island! :::
Covid-19 measures on the event

Dear visitors of Mėnuo Juodaragis - as KAUKYNĖS approaching and with COVID-19 still looming in the media our team would like to responsibly inform you all about the safety conditions and requirements during the event.
What you should know and consider:

︎ The Lituanian Government has re-confirmed the decision to allow up to 1000 participants in open air events. Thus, Kaukynės will most definitely take place as planned and will fully adhere to all the safety regulations and recommendations. Our team is working very attentively to this.

︎ The region of Zarasai still hasn‘t had a single case of COVID-19 yet and we intend to keep it so after the festival!

︎ Dūburys island is 45 hectars big, providing up to ~300 square meters of space for each visitor! This year you have the opportunity to set up your tent comfortably in a wide territory.

︎ The program of Kaukynės is made in a way that minimizes the possibility of large gatherings - 3 music stages and widely dispersed locations for activities will provide a lot of small and cozy simultaneous community events. Thus, everyone can pick and choose and has a guaranteed opportunity to keep a safe distance from the other participants.

︎ Body temperature of all arriving participants will be measured the festival Gates. If you are feverish or you have noticed symptoms of the virus - please do not come to the event.

︎ 4 additional stationary hand washing stations will be set up across the island with soup and dezinfectant in place.

Masks will present in all shapes, sizes and variaties this year... There will be a possibility to purchase the recommended protective masks alongside MJR merchandise (thus creating another memory of this unique time...)

︎ Reusable drink cups will not be exchanged this year - we ask You to bring your own glasses and cups from previous festivals or purchase a new one and save it by writting your name on it. You will have the opportunity to wash your cups, but not exchange them.

Be safe


According to the ""Baltic Wisdom Research" the participants of Mėnuo Juodaragis are the most responsible and consious of all peoples of the world. Thus, it leads us to believe that the last weekend of the summer with you all will be healthy, safe and magically impressive.

See You on Dūburys island!





[c] Mėnuo Juodaragis 2020



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